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How can I become a student leader?

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NJCU offers a wide variety of student activities that are designed to make your college experience fun and meaningful through rewarding participation in the life of campus and our greater community. We challenge and encourage all students to become involved. You’ll be glad you did!

There are many ways to be an active member of the New Jersey City University community. Based on your personal interests and goals, these activities help you to grow in many ways:

• Develop leadership skills
• Gain experience planning, managing, and making decisions
• Clarify personal values
• Experiment with creative new ideas and interests
• Practice cooperation and teamwork
• Improve interpersonal skills
• Make a positive impact on your campus and community
• Meet interesting people
• Graduate with a successful academic record and a resume rich with co-curricular accomplishments and experience
• Experience EASE. That’s Education, Advocacy, Support and Empowerment through the many programs and services offered by the Speicher-Rubin Women’s Center for Equity and Diversity. Events include the Women’s HerStory Month Luncheon, Lavender Graduation and Take Back the (K)Night.

Feel free to visit the Center for Leadership and Engagement for more information:

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