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How do I configure NJCU Email to Mobile Device?

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The directions below are generic since there are multiple Android operating systems being used.

1. Tap “Settings”
2. Scroll down to “Accounts” and tap “Add Account”
3. Tap “Microsoft Exchange”
4. Type your NJCU email address and GothicNet password
5. Tap “Manual Setup”
6. Domain\Username: Type your NJCU email address (If domain is separate, Domain =
7. Server:
8. Tap “Next” (at the bottom)
9. If Remote Access window pop-up shows, tap “OK”
10. If “Sync Text Message” is checked off, please uncheck
11. When Security Activation window pop-up shows, tap “OK”
12. Tap on “Next” to keep the account as your NJCU email
13. Go to “All Apps”
14. Click on the “Email” app.
15. Your NJCU email account will be present.


Below are the instructions to link your Apple IPhone and Apple Tablet to the NJCU Email:

2. Password and Accounts (or Mail)
3. Click on ADD ACCOUNTS
4. Click on Microsoft EXCHANGE
5. Enter your full NJCU email address
6. Description can be anything you like
6. Click on Sign in
7. Enter your password
8. Click on Save

If you have any further questions, Please submit this form for assistance:

You may also visit us at Student Support Helpdesk in Professional Studies Building, Room 101 (in Computer Lab)

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