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How can I edit a document? (Ultra)

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To edit a document in Blackboard Ultra, from the Course Content page, click the three dots to the far right of the document you wish to edit. A menu will appear.

If you wish to delete the entire document, click Delete. If you wish to edit it, click Edit.

Edit menu

Every block on the page will have three dots in the top right corner of it. Click those three dots for the block you wish to edit. A menu will appear.

To delete the block, click Delete. This will only remove that block. The rest of the page will stay intact.

To edit the block, click Edit.

Content blocks will provide the formatting window you see when you add blocks. You can delete text, change formatting, and add text. When you are happy with your changes, click Save.

Edit content page

Only the names of files uploaded from your computer or a cloud storage area can be edited. Otherwise, you may only delete or download those blocks.

Edit uploaded file menu

To add a new block, hover over the area you wish to add your content or file click the purple plus button that appears. A menu will appear, allowing you to add content or a file from your computer or a file storage location. Everything you edit is saved automatically.

Add content menu on document

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