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How do I submit a Panopto video assignment in Blackboard?

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How do I submit a Panopto video assignment in Blackboard?

The information presented on this page provides guidance for students to submit a Panopto video assignment in their Blackboard course. Instructors can allow students to submit video recordings for assignments using Panopto.

  1. Create or upload a video into Panopto by first clicking on the Panopto tool link in the course navigation (if you do not see this, please contact your instructor).
  2. Click on the existing course storage folder to drill down to the assignments folder. Important: If you miss this step you will not record your video in the correct location for submission!
  3. From the Assignment folder, click the Create button, and select Create a new session to record, or Upload media to import external content.
  4. After selecting Record new session, users will have the option to download and install the recorder if they have not already done so or launch the recorder if it is already installed on the user’s machine.
  5. Title the session.
  6. Click Stop to end recording.
  7. Finalize any edits; select Delete and record again to abandon current recording.
  8. Click Upload.
  9. Close the recorder screen.
  10. Navigate to the Panopto assignment.
  11. Click on the assignment to open it.
  12. Select Write a Submission.
  13. Click on the Mashups option > Panopto Video.
  14. Select the video > Insert Video.
  15. Add comments as desired.
  16. Click Submit.
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