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How can I post an announcement? (Ultra)

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One of the easiest ways to reach all your students at once in Blackboard Ultra is through the announcement feature. To create an announcement, from the Course Content page, click the link under Announcements in the left sidebar. If this is your first announcement, it will say Create announcements. If you have existing announcements, it will provide the number of announcements previously posted.

Announcements link in Details & Actions menu

If this is your first announcement, you will be taken to the editing page immediately. If not, click the plus sign in the top right corner of the Course Announcements page.

Course Announcements page

  1. Give your announcement a title.
  2. By default, your entire course will be recipients. If you are using groups, you have the option to send an announcement to a single group or even a single student, if you wish.
  3. Type your announcement body into the Message box. Add images, videos, or links using the formatting bar.
  4. If you want all your recipients to receive an email copy of the announcement, check “Send an email copy to recipients.”
  5. If you want to schedule the announcement to be published at a specific date and time, check the Schedule announcement box. You will be prompted to add a time and date to first show the message. You may also automatically hide the message from students on a later date by checking the “Hide on” box and choosing an end date.

Create Announcement page

Click Save.

If you did not schedule the assignment to be posted at a specific date, your announcement will not be posted until you click the Post Now button in the Status column. If you have edits to make beforehand, click the three dots to the right of the announcement and choose edit.

Announcements listing

Once you click Post Now, your announcement will be posted. The next time any student accesses the course, the announcement will appear as a popup in the middle of the screen. Students can access previous announcements from the Course Content page under Announcements on the left.

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