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How can I reduce course size in content collection? (Ultra)

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If you are receiving an error message when uploading content to your courses, you most likely have reached your course size limit. You will need to remove large files (after downloading copies to your local device and uploading to Panopto or OneDrive) in your Content Collection in order to reduce the size of your course(s).

1. When you first log in to Blackboard, select Tools from the menu on the left side of your screen:

2. Select “Content Collection” under “Blackboard Tools”

3. Select “Course Content” from the left and then select your course ID that you would like to access the content collection for.

4. Your course content includes any file you have ever uploaded into the course (e.g. a syllabus, PowerPoint file, etc.) – even files that are no longer in use, imported from another course, or duplicated. The date and time the file was uploaded and the size will appear to the right of the file name, providing information about which is the most current. You can click on the “Size” column header to sort files/folders from largest to smallest.

5. Check the boxes and select “Download Package” to download multiple items to your local device. Once you have downloaded the content you would like to remove, select the same check boxes and select the “Delete” button.

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