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How can I create a folder? (Ultra)

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One way to organize your course content in Blackboard Ultra is through the use of folders. To create a folder, from the Course Content page, navigate to where you want to add it. Hover over the location you wish to place the content item. Click the purple plus sign that appears. A menu will appear. Click Create.

Add menu with Create button highlighted

A side menu will appear. Choose Folder.

Create Item menu with Folder highlighted

First, give the folder a name by clicking the default title, erasing it, and typing your folder title. Choose whether to keep your folder hidden from students or visible to students from the dropdown menu. If you wish to add a description of the folder contents, add that in the description text box. Click Save.

Folder settings menu with Save button highlighted

Expand button to the right of learning module

Your folder will now appear on the Course Content page. The description is displayed under the folder title and visibility status. To add content to the folder, click the down arrow to the far right of the folder.

You will see the same menu items as when you add items on the main Course Content page.

Folder add content menu

Once you have added an item into the folder, you may add more by hovering where you want to add content and clicking the purple plus sign that appears.

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