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Can I take a course as an “Independent Study,” and how do I arrange for it?

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Independent Study

Independent Study is to be used judiciously. Graduate students may pursue independent study/research for 1-3 credits, when appropriate:

a. The student must be a matriculated student, in a graduate degree program, with a 3.00 cumulative GPA.

b. An independent study may be requested to provide an exceptional student with specialized study or to respond     to exceptional circumstances.

c. Approval for the independent study is required from:

1). the graduate advisor

2). the department chair

3). the college dean

d. In a total program of study, no more than 6 credits of independent study will be allowed in the major area.

e. At a minimum, the student will enter into a learning contract with the faculty member detailing the purpose of the study, the product to be accomplished, the number of contacts with the faculty member, and specific requirements for grading.

f. Grading will be governed by the standard University academic regulations.

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