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I Need To Take A Test In My Blackboard Course. Do You Have Any Test-Taking Tips For My Online Test?

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Do not take the test until you are ready.
Each instructor may configure their test differently, so it is very important to read ALL of the instructions before you click the Begin button.
Do not use Internet Explorer to take your test!!!! Use Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.
Before you start your test, close down all other programs running on your computer. Having multiple programs open during your test may result in problems or loss of test data.
Do not resize or refresh your browser window after starting the test.
Do not wait until the last minute to take the test! If something goes wrong during your test session, there may not be enough time to resolve the issue.
Before starting your test, turn off any virus scanning software, pop-up blockers, instant messaging or any other programs that may cause your computer to restart, open pop-up windows, or open new browser windows.
Do not use the Back, Forward, Home, or Refresh buttons on the browser, or Backspace key on the keyboard while taking the test.
MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a reliable internet connection! Wireless internet connections do not always maintain a “constant” connection, and therefore is not considered reliable. Using a wireless connection or a mobile device can cause you to get disconnected from the test environment. It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a computer or laptop that is hard-wired to an Internet connection.

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