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Do you have the contact numbers for other offices I may need to contact?

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Yes. Here they are.

Department Location Tel. #   Fax. #
Admissions Hepburn 207  201-200-3234     201-200-2044
Academic Advisement Vodra 101  201-200-3300     201-200-3229
Bursar Office Hepburn 106  201-200-3045     201-200-2049
Financial Aid Hepburn 215  201-200-3173     201-200-3181
Graduate Studies Office Hepburn 206  201-200-3409     201-200-3411
Department of Information Technology Professional Studies Building P-103  201-200-3350     201-200-2332
Parking and Transportation GSU 158  201-200-2552     201-200-2062
Registration Services Hepburn 214  201-200-3334     201-200-2062
Campus Life GSU 111  201-200-3585     201-200-2329
University Service Center GSU 158  201-200-2552     201-200-2551


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