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How can I send a message to students? (Ultra)

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Sending direct messages to one or many students in your course can be done through the Blackboard Messages tab.

When in your Blackboard Ultra course, click the Messages button in the top right corner. It looks like an envelope.

Navigation tabs with Messages icon highlighted

To create a new message, click the plus button on the right side under the main tabs. A side menu will appear.

Add new message button

Creating a Message

Message screen with highlighted sections

  1. When you click the Recipients box, a dropdown menu will appear allowing you to choose who to send your message to. You may choose to message all course members or choose any individual student. After you have chosen a recipient, you can choose additional ones by clicking the box again and following the same procedure. To remove a recipient, click the x beside his or her name.
  2. Type your message in the box. You can add formatting and add files or other items with the plus sign.
  3. To make sure your recipients receive a copy of the message in their NJCU email, check the Send an email copy to recipients box.
  4. By default, students can reply to messages you send. To prevent replies, uncheck the Allow replies to this message box.

When ready, click Send.

Since it is the most recent message in your course, it will appear at the top of the list of messages. There is no way to sort messages in Blackboard Ultra. All unread messages will appear at the top, but once read, they will move to their spot in chronological order on the list.

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