Sustainability @ New Jersey City University
Dr. Aaron Aska, Vice President and COO – Operations & Innovation


Moving to More Fuel Efficient Vehicles

NJCU’s Fleet Department is doing its part with regards to sustainability, by converting to smarter greener vehicles for cleaner transportation solutions.

  • Over the last decade, NJCU has reduced its total fleet size by 32% and has been replacing older vehicles with more energy-efficient models.
  • In the recent years, fuel consumption used by the NJCU vehicle fleet was reduced by 18%. (Fuel consumption data for 2020, and into 2021, has not been calculated due to the reduction during this period as a result of COVID-19.) Some of the contributing factors to fuel reduction include:
    • Lessening of the total number of vehicles overall.
    • Reduction in the number of gasoline (only) vehicles.
    • Addition of an electric (only) vehicle.
    • Addition of hybrid vehicles to the fleet.

Visit our EV Charging Station Website for additional information.