Sustainability @ New Jersey City University
Dr. Aaron Aska, Vice President and COO – Operations & Innovation
Ecological Sustainability at NJCU



New Jersey City University is committed to environmental sustainability and is continuously working towards identifying and improving practices to reduce its eco footprint. This website has been developed to share NJCU’s sustainability efforts and initiatives.
What has NJCU been doing recently to continue Going Green?

NJCU Urban Forestry (Mapping Initiative)

New Jersey City University and the City of Jersey City, as well as many businesses, organizations and people like yourself are helping with the tree mapping initiative in Jersey City. As we continue to collect data on the trees in the area, we’ll be improving the ability to calculate and obtain useful information about the environmental benefits that the trees provide, such as how many gallons of stormwater are filtered by the trees each year, how many pounds of air pollutants the trees capture, how many kilowatt-hours of energy the trees conserve, and how many tons of carbon dioxide gas are removed by the trees from the atmosphere. The information we continue to gather over time will help urban foresters as well as city planners to improve and quantify the tree planting initiative. Students, citizen scientists, and others can use it to learn about the role trees play in the urban ecosystem.