Sustainability @ New Jersey City University
Dr. Aaron Aska, Vice President and COO – Operations & Innovation

A food digester was implemented on campus in 2018 to help reduce the amount of food waste sent to local landfills.

  • To date, over 4 tons of food waste have been diverted, eliminating greenhouse gases relating to the hauling of that waste.
  • NJCU uses organic and environmentally safe products which have resulted in substantially lower costs and lower maintenance, in its partnership with Gourmet Dining.
  • The Digester system combines mechanical and biological processes to turn food waste into sewage allowing it to contribute water back into the sewer system.

BioHiTech Digester – Video

In less than 2 minutes, this video will help to explain not just how the BioHiTech Digester works, but why it’s important to you and our planet.