NJCU 90 Years of Educational Excellence

The 2017-18 academic year was a significant milestone in New Jersey City University’s story as it marks the 90 anniversary of the institution. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as president during this historic time, as this milestone offers the NJCU community further reason to feel pride in the institution, both for the role that the University plays as an enduring anchor community, and our future.

When NJCU, then known as the New Jersey State Normal School at Jersey City, opened in 1927, it was the only teacher preparatory school in the country that began with a three-year program. Hepburn Hall welcomed its first student body, consisting of 330 young women and one young man.

Ninety years later, NJCU continues to encourage student success in every avenue. We are home to more than 8,000 students. We have expanded our campus within the Jersey City community, opening our doors to more students to live on campus and highlighting STEM education with the completion of our renovated Science Building. Through community engagement, research and outstanding teaching, through scholarly work and creative contributions, we are shaping the lives of individuals and the future of our nation, both domestically and across the globe through our extensive study abroad program and global initiatives.

Our 90th year has underscored the deep well of support we are fortunate to have within the community. This is apparent through the many alumni who have shared stories of the ways in which New Jersey City University has changed their lives. It is evident throughout the community where individuals aim to elevate the success of Jersey City by serving as mentors to jumpstart our students’ careers.

As rewarding as it has been to honor our past and celebrate the present, our focus must now turn to this institution’s future. Since I assumed my role as president, I have been contemplating the University’s next century and what we need to do now to prepare for a sustainable and prosperous future. This has resulted in collaborating with community organizations, government agencies, private industries, and philanthropic entities to create innovative solutions and programs that can train our community for the careers of tomorrow.

As alumni, each of you plays an integral role in this effort. Working together, hand in hand, we can ensure that NJCU and Jersey City have a pathway to prosperity, and that NJCU has the resources to continue providing transformational education and career training for the next 90 years and beyond. I encourage you to engage with us, share your stories with us, to continue to learn with us, and to become involved in the many initiatives that NJCU has to offer for you, your families, and your community.

Warm regards,
Sue Henderson, Ph.D.

Summer 2018

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