Literary Mixer


For those who like to read, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of retreating from the world with a good book. And avid readersoften love word games. The following exercisecombines those two interests. Below, you’ll find the title of 10 classic works of literature—but the letters have been scrambled.

Example: what work of 20th century literature can you find in the phrase “Sly Uses?”*

To help you further, after each anagram, I’ve included a hint in the form of a riddle.

Duck Logo! (Er, I mean, Good luck!)

1) Halt Me (Hint: A pair of honeybees could giveyou the buzz about this book. Or not.)

2) Oxen Do Quit (Hint: This is the perfect book for a night person.)

3) Aimless Rebels (Hint: To be honest, this work is revolting.)

4) Veins in a Limb (Hint: This book is a classic. How can you not see that?)

5) The Crow’s Table (Hint: If you are looking for a literary heroine who’s different, you will have spied her.)

6) Nuns Inherit Asia (Hint: Don’t defer reading this—it’s a dream.)

7) Yes They Sod (Hint: It won’t take long to catch this writer’s drift.)

8) Touch Propeller (Hint: As dramatic as a night at the Oprah.)

9) Limit Roadblock King (Hint: Some people harp on how much they love this book.)

10) Try Either Chance (Hint: Read this book and you’ll be holdin’ a classic.)

* The answer is Ulysses. See? Piece of cake.

Jim Broderick, Professor of English, has been teaching at NJCU for almost 20 years. The author of seven books, he is currently writing a book about James Joyce to be published in spring 2018. He also writes feature stories and book reviews for the website

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